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Moxa UPort Industrial-Grade USB Hubs

The Moxa UPort series are industrial-grade USB hubs and designed with the ruggedness and reliability needed for industrial applications. Each port has ESD Level 4 protection and can provide true Hi-Speed USB 2.0 data rates up to 480 Mbps—even for heavy-load applications. The UPort series includes models with dual power inputs, DIN-rail mounting options, and wide temperature models that can operate reliably even in harsh conditions.

Available models: 4-port entry-level and 7-port industrial-grade USB hubs with adapters.
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UPort 204 UPort 204

4 Port entry-level USB Hub, w/adapter

Price: $155.00
UPort 207 UPort 207

7Port entry-level USB Hub with adapter

Price: $191.00
UPort 404 UPort 404

4 Port industrial-grade USB Hub, with adapter

Price: $223.00
UPort 404-T w/o Adaptor UPort 404-T w/o Adaptor

4 Port industrial-grade USB Hub, w/o adapter, Wide Temperature

Price: $279.00
UPort 407 UPort 407

7Port industrial-grade USB Hub, w/ adapter

Price: $265.00
UPort 407-T w/o Adaptor UPort 407-T w/o Adaptor

7-port industrial-grade USB Hub without adapter, Wide Temperature

Price: $345.00