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Unitronics offers a range of useful accessories to complement the PLCs series line.
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Unitronics Jazz Programming kit. Includes software CD


Unitronics Jazz RS232/RS485 add on port, cable and adapter

MJ10-22-CS35 MJ10-22-CS35

USB to RS232 converter

MJ10-22-CS65 MJ10-22-CS65

USB to RS232 converter cable set

MJ10-22-CS66 MJ10-22-CS66

USB to RS232 converter plug

RS232-CB1 RS232-CB1

RS232 communication cable with MJ10-22-CS25 adapter

UAP-24V24W UAP-24V24W

Power Supply, 120-37VDC- 24V/1A, DIN rail

UAP-24V60W UAP-24V60W

Power Supply, 120-37VDC-24V/2.5A,DIN rail

UAP-24V96W UAP-24V96W

Power Supply, 120-37VDC->24V/2.5A,DIN rail