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  • Inductive Sensors

    • Inductive keep a close watch on all metals
    • From detection through to distance measurement of metallic objects
  • Position Sensors

    • Contactless position transmitters
    • Continuously record the movement of the piston in the position measuring range
    • Standardized analog current or voltage signal
    • Ideal solution for all applications involving object detection and process monitoring
  • Pressure Sensors

    Pressure sensors for controlling all pressure values
    Configurable / Teachable
  • Proximity Sensors

    • Specially adapted and optimized for use with Festo actuators
    • Detect the magnetic field of permanent magnets built into the piston of the cylinder
    • The available range covers freely configurable proximity sensors, and modules
  • Sensor Accessories

    • Mounting kits
    • Sensor brackets
    • Clips
    • Position markers
  • Sensor Boxes

    • Pneumatic, electric or inductive sensing of semi-rotary actuators
    • Sturdy construction for use in rough environments
    • An ideal product for the entire process technology spectrum.